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The Forclaz 500 5° Trekking Sleeping Bag is cleverly designed to help you to sleep comfortably at temperatures above or equal to 5°C.

This extremely compact and light sleeping bag has a wide optimal temperature range. Sleep soundly from 5° to 15°C thanks to the 2 3/4 zips with two-way cursor for heat management: ventilation to suit you.

Optimum temperature
Temperature rating 5°C, temperature limit 0°C. Synthetic padding.

Easy transport
1200g in size L. Volume 11.3 L. Compression bag.

Sleeping quality
Very comfortable mummy shape. 2 x 3/4 zips with a double slider for ventilation.

Can be twinned with other models in the Forclaz 500 range.

Water repellent
Water-repellent fabric to optimise the thermal performance of your sleeping bag.